BOOK REVIEW: Think & Grow Rich, Napolean Hill

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The author Hill provides a blueprint to helping one discover the simple yet powerful essence of achievements in life for the benefit of both men and women. He explains the importance of self-input within the core values and principles mentioned in this book. The result will be an result emergence of your potential for greatness and accumulating riches in all areas of life.

Hill addresses the tools and activities needed in becoming rich intellectually and monetarily, and in pursuing your life goals. Think and Grow Rich, is not your ordinary book–Hill refers to this writing as a text book, which he suggest should be studied, digested and meditated upon for effective results. Throughout this reading Hill shares several real-life experiences from America’s most successful pioneers from the past. The author uses precise key-note topics to outline the format for each chapter in this book.

The following are the chapter topics:

  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Auto-suggestion
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Organized planning
  • Procrastination
  • Persistence
  • Master Minds
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • The Brain
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Fear

Coverage of each topic mentioned in the text will give simple and constructive guidance on how to maintain a life of riches and growth. Studying the text within this book will aid one in being better with the aim of fullfilling ones best potential. The author encourages readers to emerge their inner self by becoming conscious of hidden potential which will lead one into being great.

There were several chapters that immediately grabbed my attention although reading the entire book is vital to one discovering more about his-/her- self and finding the personal “AH” moment(s) to obtaining and maintaining success.

In the beginning of the text, there are key mentions of the idea that defining your purpose in life is identifying what it is you want out of life. The ability to answer this question without wavering helps set the tone for the remainder of the journey through this manuscript. Another, set of key points are (1) desire and (2) understanding the purpose of failure in your life and using those experiences to drive you to the next level.

Through-out the book, Napoleon repeatedly gives instructions for readers/students to develop a mindset of one that is success conscious. This text tests its readers to become accountable for actions taken while striving to achieve goals set in place. Despite setbacks, failures and life’s hardships, simply changing your mindset to that of positive endings puts one a step closer to achieving the ultimate gift of living a life of riches.

Willingness and Faith are two other vital actions that complement one’s journey to personal growth. When set out to obtain and accomplish a goal in life, reading this text helps you understand that despite the support or assistance that you desire, one must be able to finish the race of life and reaching for their goal no matter the cost and at all expense.

Relationships encountered along the journey of life often comes with the connection or dispensing of people in one’s life. However, what many don’t acknowledge is the impact of these relationship on daily life. There is a chapter which talks about the effect of transmutation. Transmutation is simply the changing of elements, one to another, says Hill. Many would consider it a cliché’ to say that when engaged with others, you somewhere along the line adapt to habits of those you are surrounded by, whether good or bad. This leads me to one of the main points made in the reading: readers are instructed to surround ourselves with others who are success conscious.

For many, consuming success at its highest level comes at a high cost, more than the mind can grasp. However, with positive thoughts, desire, willingness, faith, and self-discipline, it can all be obtained. A great deal of insight and instructions are given in the text regarding tasks for our daily lives. Yet, readers may fail to take the first basic step(s) to achieve those small goals, which will in turn affect long term goals.

After reading the text, I appreciated the self-assessment section of questions given to review. This book is definitely one that challenges its readers to be accountable and honest about what you think you want and what you need. The essence of the entire text is to change and develop the way you think about every aspect of your life, to effortlessly work and be willing to extend yourself at all cost to that which you set into place to achieve in life.

Discover your purpose and plan in life, and be willing to reach those depths of success no matter the depths of failure and defeat. Maintain determination and be steadfast continually.

Think and Grow RICH!



Think and Grown Rich Book Review

Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill
Reviewed by Regina N. Roberts