Tea Time!

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It’s TEA TIME Ladies!!!

What exactly is Tea Time?


Tea Time is the part of our days that we NEED to take to ourselves! The demands on a woman’s time are HIGH! DAILY, we are ripping and running and dashing and gunning to the “NEXT!” on our unending list of to-do’s! Sometimes (and I recommend at LEAST 30 mins DAILY!!!), we need to do as Mase once did: Breathe…




So long as you do the above, Tea Time for you can be whatever you deem is necessary for the above to happen!

Recommendation: Actually have a glass/cup/mug of TEA while you’re relaxing!!! The preparation of this “whatever-it-is” gives your mind/body time to prepare for the time of relaxation. Gives you time to actually “settle” your stream of consciousness before you finally sit to relax.

For me (and I started just last week)… I prepare a double dose of tea, triple shot of honey add a stream of lemon juice and VOILA!–There’s the Tea! The Time??? Well, my tea time lasts for as long as the tea lasts (and I drink it while it’s still hot!). During tea time, I do things I want to do but never find/make time to do. SO… I Read and I Write!

The goal of this process is to make time for YOURSELF! It’s YOUR day, and you’ve GOT to learn how to take time out of it JUST for YOU!!! A few minutes out of every 24 hours just to clear your mind will have you better prepared to be the BEST you can be for everyone else!!! Ladies, we’ve got to learn to focus on #1!!! Who is #1??? <== You/God/Allah/something along the lines of YOU!!! = Same thing! 🙂

Recommendation: MEDITATE!!! Meditation does not require humming… smoke… sacred dances… seances… OR the like! Just THINK! Reflect! Calm your breathing and FOCUS!!!

Resources: MEDITATION: 10 Quick Steps! MEDITATION: 20 Tips! MEDITATION: Great Resource!

After you take the time to incorporate such procedures into your DAILY routine, you’ll find that these rare moments will quickly become non-negotiable “tasks” in your day! Try it for yourself and tell me what you think! Personally, Tea Time has been GREAT for me!!! (outside of the fact that my TEA taste different each time I make it :-/) Blah


– @Sh_Speaks of www.ShSpeaks.com <== NOT for the feign of heart