New Beginnings

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Imagine going somewhere for a visit and you’ve accomplished more than you would have in your own city. Well that’s what happened I went to visit my sister and nephews and boom. I end up kick starting¬† my business,business website and even ordered business cards. I was more focus than ever at the same time I knew my trip was only for three weeks so I had to have that same drive and peace at home. But lo and behold I went back home to straight chaos and was back out of town within three weeks. Crazy right! I can say those disconnections was for the better I had to get my house and atmosphere¬† together before being able to take on my new course in life. After all I always say all my siblings and myself need is each other which turned out to be true because each other is all we had to fall back on. Sometimes it takes a shift in the atmosphere for you to really step out on faith and boy was this a shift for not just me but us as a whole a friendship was ended that we thought would be forever I mean we have known each other since childhood. So as I was away the second time it gave me time to reflect on everything and pray a little bit more because this new place was a whole culture shock I swear my sister and the kids was the only black people in the town lol. No one understood our lingo or what I was saying half the time and I never knew I had an accent till coming to the good Iowa I had to practice slowing my talking speed and thinking before I speak. The perks of staying in Iowa though is we are a minority so it was a breeze getting stuff I got health care and a specialist within a week look at God. Now at that point I still wasn’t set on moving there I couldn’t leave my mom or brothers so at first we decided I would only go for appointments but then word got out that I do tech work and what do you know they have no one to fix their phones or computers so now business is coming in left and right. I actually think my sister did it on purpose because most of the stuff was easy fix but business is business. At this point summer is almost up and its almost time to book my ticket back to Jacksonville but first the cousins weekend with my new family which gave me more time to come up with my decision. Soon as we got back the boys school offered me a job no interview if I wanted it the job was mine which I said yes but I had to get my stuff from Florida which they agreed to give me three weeks which was enough time to get everything packed and shipped off as well as grab some stuff that they don’t have in Iowa and put it in my suitcase I mean who doesn’t like hot sausages , peach soda, and sazon seasoning. Well now I’m all moved soon as I got back we found a house for rent verses the apartment¬† and we’re all moved in and everyone is happy. We have an awesome support system, awesome friends, and a new nephew (friends baby) we’re just winning all the way around and the blessings keep coming. Even when things seem like their falling apart they may actually be coming together because for me the chaos brought blessings even with everything going on from my two year relationship ending to the friendship being cut short. My new beginnings have begun and I’m doing better than ever with one business and another one in the works also with three new certifications to add to my wall.