Local Icons

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A lot of times we idolize people outside of our city even though there are iconic entrepreneurs within our very own. I have had time to experience both. I have two mentors with in Jacksonville Florida as well as social media mentors from New Orleans. To me Darealbbjudy and Supa Cent are equally inspirational as our very own Coach D and Regina. Both sets of people set out a very well example Of what entrepreneurship should be. Not only that they also show what a real friendship should be not just materialistically or basic but on a motivational level of how a friendship should be and how friends should support friends. Also they don’t mind giving back to other entrepreneurs on a knowledgeable stand point which is awesome team work makes the dream work. These women not only run their businesses but they also take time out their schedule to spread the entrepreneurial juice on a few folks whether it’s group sessions or one on one they go above and beyond to make sure other peoples 24hours can be just as successful as their 24. Different cities same hype they’re running classes and taking classes and I’m grateful for both of them not just their businesses but the positivity and the jewels that they drop on a daily to boss up new businesses 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽. With that being said boss up wear what you want dye your hair whatever color you please and build not just the foundation but build your brand fully.If you don’t follow them hop on it right ni and get you some of that black girl magic on your timeline let’s get this money.