I remember

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I remember late nights and early mornings. I remember days we didn’t sell a thing or cut (I sat in the truck while they cut grass my daddy say I was just there to oversee) a paid yard. I remember putting up drywall,painting walls, remodeling bathrooms and laying tile. Daddy taught us to be entrepreneurs way before we was of age to even understand what an entrepreneur was he had us putting in time and let us know with everything he have us do we will never have to work for someone else a day in our life. He showed us a life time of skills probably some he didnt even know he was teaching us like money management and to never go alone. We didn’t get it back then hell we wanted regular school breaks & weekends but uhh Boot wasnt having that “Why play when you could be making a dollar” Uh daddy because we are kids 😂 naw but we came across alot of different folks from different walks of life just being with him. I was collecting rent and counting bands before I could walk good especially if he had female tenants (the worst might I add lol) he alway told me if you’re a male landlord and you have female tenants you always take a female with you so they cant say nothing out the way. I remember long rides to nowhere and just by speaking to folks we would gain a new client or tenant (Networking without even knowing what networking was). You might have a good day today and a dead day tomorrow but you got to stand behind your brand/business and carry it in conversation where ever you go. I remember going to auctions and loading uhauls ,putting value on different items as we sort through. I remember evicting folks and people trashing and damaging the property while in my head I’m like why would you make more work for us like we don’t already have to clean the house after you leave. He even had the boys doing roofing while I got paid as well just to make sure they had water 😂 the perks of being clumsy and the babygirl lol. I also remember his hospital stays and him getting out and going right back to working like nothing ever happened “money dont stop because your sick”. I love that man for everything he has ever instilled in me thats why my grind different I’m cool with not seeing it immediately but I know my business will flourish soon I’m revamping everything and adding more things 2020 will be alot different I’m applying pressure and putting my foot on necks.