Giving Back

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November is the month of kindness and December is the month of love with that being said we’ve decided to do Christmas alittle differently. Instead of the normal process of gifting each other in November we adopted two families. Not only are we giving gift to two families but we are also doing two christmas trees as well. We’ve gotten our family and friends on board to either cash app or ship gifts to us to give to our adopted families verses buying christmas gifts for us. Sounds fun right well what makes giving back even better we’re teaching the kids the gift of kindness,compassion,love,humility and not just that but their also learning how to be greatful. Ive always wanted to do something to impact people’s lives in a good way and well here I am I hope they enjoy the tree’s as much as we enjoyed putting them together and prayerfully they also feel the love that was put into them. 😍💜