Game Update

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Yall why we got up bright and early 6:30am Saturday drove 2 hours away and they loss 🤦🏾‍♂️.They was really out there nonchalant on the field and the parents made it no better “well their only 7 and 8 they’re here to have fun we dont expect them to win” see thats why they kids dont care now. Boom so with tournament’s they have a guaranteed 3 games each game is an hour a piece no matter the innings or the score. We played four games and won one now they had a 2 hour break between the third game and the last so I felt like we might have a chance at another win but nooo them folks tore our team up 15 – 3 😂 now i was hoping we loss the last game because I was over being in the heat and their attitudes at that point. Dont judge me I hate being hot and I definitely hate being sweaty but I go to support 😂 plus we go to popeyes when we go to the city lol. Them losing did get us out of a ticket though so I’m chilling on Apple music playing songs and all of a sudden this dark colored charger hit a uturn and flipped on the lights but when he talked to my nephew who was still in uniform and found out we rode two hours and didnt win he left and came back and said I’ll let you off with a warning here’s some stickers for the kids you’ll get them next time buddy 😂😂😂. Baby I was Kevin Hart all the way home it was so funny.