Following the BreakUp!

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Following the Breakup…..

11 months ago after an emotional breakup that I orchestrated, I decided to kickstart my new year and reset my life.   Part of the healing process was to unplug from people, obligations, tradition, religious rituals and the norm of the life I ‘d been leading! I decided to Redefine my Life.  One of the craziest ideas I came up with was to completely move out of my place,declutter my life and begin to travel solo. Therefore, I moved out of my home and relocated to live with my sister. I needed to leave the physical space that consumed me with things, and not just my things but family heirlooms, physical murals ( my red wall he painted for me), full/life size wall art he’s painted and things that reminded me of HIM. Oh,lets not forget he left two large trailers on my property for months. Let’s save that conversation for another post. LOL! So apart of moving out of my place and decluttering was to give away or sell all my belongings that  I could no longer carry with me. After a year or so of family deaths, breakups, rebounds and dissolved friendships I wanted free of anything to heavy to carry in a regular sized carry-on. 

Immediately, I begin to search cheap flight deals, plan to relocate within 6 months, enroll to continue my masters degree and other things. So, after securing a 2019-2020 planner I prayed, put dates on the calendar, booked flights and allowed life with the inspiration of God to guide the way.  WIthin months of my breakup I must say that with all the praying and moving forward with my life I still felt, shattered and hurt. A family member even sent me pics of my ex with his NEW boo. But in all of that I wasn’t bitter toward her. I was saddened that he hadn’t at least talked to me about where things went left. Yet, I had to resolve that he didn’t owe me an explanation considering i choose to leave the relationship. 

So here I am a month after he moved out and I was celebrating my birthday w/o him and making the most of it.  Even with family around, I told myself “ Girl, here you are alone again on another birthday”. A dear friend traveled with me to ATL, and a few cousins joined me.  Each day with every stride I hoped things would get better. I traveled, just about every month after my breakup and attended every event to stay busy.. 

ReDefining Me