Daniel Fast 2020

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Sooo after research and suggestions I will finally be starting my Daniel fast. Well not just me but my sister as well (accountability partner get one). We try to do different journeys together 🤷🏽‍♂️. So we went shopping last night supposedly grabbing things for a few day till we go full blown grocery shopping and end up with a buggy full of fruits and veggies per usual. But this grocery haul was different I was reading different things (salad mix kits) and steam bag veggies, why because it’s already prepared and the different mixtures expands past the usual things we eat.

We eat a lot of veggies anyway but I go beyond the norm while she not so much 😂 .Anyways it’s kinda easy for me to cut things out so this could be a semi breeze it’s already a year and two months since I’ve had beef or pork so cutting out the rest should be easy right? No lol jk its mind over matter. I’ve been looking into becoming a vegan for a year but never moved on it hopefully this jumpstarts that as well.

I’m amped up for this journey though it’s not just food for me it’s mental and spiritual as well I need a cleanse from everything these last few months I’ve let all kinds of spirits in my space (neither here nor there). Along with this journey I’ll be meditating as well 23 minutes of just sounds and 22 minutes of affirmation meditation with a total of 45 minutes meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️.But so far we have red and green apples (she like tart and I like sweet), celery, grapes (green and purple), bananas,strawberries,two heads of lettuce, carrots (we need all the eye help we can get speaking of that I got to find my contacts), corn, broccoli, peanut butter, brown rice, water and oatmeal. All of those things are without a list but I’ll let y’all know what else we get because I want to smoothie as well. Also we don’t eat from 12am to 12pm I’ll keep y’all updated though on how it goes. Pray for us as we pray for ourselves and take this journey.