City Wide Garage Sale

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Now in the city we have flea markets where everyone can come out get a booth and sale their stuff. But never have we ever had a city wide garage sale. In Iowa each city has their own month and date for their city wide garage sale and folks are actually super excite about this honestly I’m excited. Now if this was the city I probably wouldn’t go because well we know how that goes when trying to bring the city out but around here nothing happens. I still look out for the unexpected because that’s just how I am and also our race count here is slim to none but baby they love us. Shoot we might even go to the town over and check theirs out being that ours isn’t until June 1st and theirs is this weekend who knows what we may find or who we may meet. Let me get the kids to start talking my sister into getting a baby pig now incase they got some for sale lol.