City Ball vs. Small town Ball

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We’re just going to start by saying baseball is not forced on nephew its his choice. Also we are not coaches just a parent and parental figure trying to get it right lol. Now that is out the way going to a game in the city is very different than going to a game in a small town. See where we are from its okay to be loud and motivate/ cheer the whole team on but in this small town they swear you’re being hard on the kids or taking the game to serious. First of all this is serious there is money invested not just that but some of these kids see themselves playing baseball in the future they need to know just because you was good one day doesn’t mean get cocky and mess up the next game and that if you want something bad enough you have to work hard at it and perfect your craft. Baby thought she was about to talk about my sister and make comments like “oh its no scouts out here” or “oh the kids aren’t being drafted today its not that serious” and the petty not kick in sorry love I am the petty king and granted they’re not getting draft today but that same attitude is why your team loss because the kids are out there gazing at the sky like they’re looking for butterflies verses watching the ball. Motivating your kids and their team is not yelling at them its prepping them duh if we say “get down get ready out field” guess what they need to do get down and get ready. Also we are a traveling team meaning we pay more than just baseball fees baby we have travel expenses as well do you really think we drive 30 minutes – and hour away to lose no ma’am no ham no turkey we came to win shoot I don’t care if its an in town game we came to win. We’re not rough love just competitive and if we play you all again during playoffs this weekend guess what we’re coming to do yep you guessed it we’re coming to “Win” duh I’m not sitting in no sun for 3 games 2 hours away for them 2 chase butterflies or dance in the out field they will play like they want to win as bad as they want to breath. Signed very supportive and competitive baseball Unctie (uncle/auntie) who’s kid made a bomb a** home run the other night.