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On Entrepreneurship and… Business Cents

Some of you should be ashamed of the way you do business!!! Your business acumen is completely and utterly DESPICABLE! Wait… Let me rewind….

Some of US should be ashamed of the way WE do BUSINESS!!! I include myself in this tell-all because we ALL have fallen short and OUR community is a reflection of US! If THEY have fallen short, it means WE have fallen. Besides, there are times, however rare you may think, that you, yourself, mess up too! SO… take this one for the team. 🙂

Sometimes, OUR business practices are completely DESPICABLE! Sometimes, we ought be ashamed of the mess we create by employing faulty practices that we LOVE to call BUSINESS! And we LOVE to point the blame at others. Behaving like CHILDREN as a result of someone else doing the same. REALLY?! smh WHERE is your Business Cents???

YOU have no CLUE! Get one!

You have no CENTS!!! Get some!!!

People LOVE to complain about this “crab mentality” bull! Funny, I never heard that term until I spent too much time in JACKSONVILLE!!! Yeah! I’m calling you out! Learn that you will NEVER be anything if YOU give in to everything you hear THEM talking about! Separate yourselves from the BULL! Quit listening to everything you hear everybody else say. Be DIFFERENT for a change! I mean, my GOSH! SOMEBODY has got to set the standard! SOMEbody has got give “EVERYBODY” else something to be proud of! QUIT effin COMPLAINING and be the ONE person doing something DIFFERENT! But no… that’s just too much to ask!


And I still haven’t addressed the purpose of this post…

All in all, I hear too many people complaining. Don’t see enough people DOING. I’ve been around many a businessman who TRIED to bring NEW and LIVELY things into a city that just doesn’t WANT to do better. People who CLAIM to support but when that support means spending a few bucks to support a COMMUNITY establishment… *crickets!!!*

Another example, I hear people all too often who won’t do business with this or that person because of this or that feeling. Because of this or that other person. Because of this or that BULL! GTFOH! Since when did FEELINGS start paying bills?! Clearly you CRABS are misinformed! You behave as if your bill collectors give a daggum whether such and such is your “buddy” and your illegitimate kids could care less about whether such-and-such supported you last time so YOU won’t support THEM now! smh (and sorry! The kids thing was a low blow, my bad haha)

Anywho, the fact of the matter is we have GOT to do better as a people! We have GOT to stop letting our FEELINGS get in the way of business!!! Stop worrying about who’s looking, who’s judging, who’s going to “steal” this or that. What is for you is for YOU. You’ll get “it” no matter WHO tries to mimic or stop you!

Get your A$$ out of the way!

I actually can’t even use the $$ signs for that because your ASS is in the way of your $$$!!! Why do you let your “feelings” impact your MONEY?! This would be GREAT if you let the CORRECT feelings get in the way BUT… You let the most INADEQUATE of them hinder your ability to put your business FIRST. If you decide to do business, try pulling your ASS up out of it. Focus on money first, everything else last. Now, of course, this is not to say you shxt on others and be a COMPLETE ass, but… Get YOUR ass out of YOUR money! Understand???


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Business Cents