Bloggers Delight! (Track 1)

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Welcome to class! Thank you for joining us in this rendition of BLOGGERS DELIGHT! We are quite pleased that you would join us! Today, we will cover a few basics of blogging, MiXeD-in nicely with a few tips (ALL the PERSONAL views of @Sh_Speaks with SO! Have a seat. Grab a pad and take some notes!!! 😉

Let’s start with the basics..

  1. What exactly IS blogging? (VERY basic) Well… let’s just skip that! (Blogging is simply writing via the WWW! Blog is derived from weB log. Get it? Hope so!)
  2. How does one blog? (VERY simple again) To blog… you just write (and post on the web)! Pretty simple.

Bored much? Alright alright ALRIGHT!

Let’s get SERIOUS!

SO! About this blogging thing…

ARE THERE ANY RULES?! In my humble opinion… NO! (Generally speaking) There are NO rules to blogging! Each “writer” has his/her own structure, format, and “voice”. As a person begins writing, (s)he will find his/her “voice” along the way. As a blog “taste-maker” of sorts, I often say there are NO rules because rules often limit creative variety, diversity of thought, approach, etc etc etc. That being said, all babies to the blogging world should feel free to let their light so SHINE!!! THEN see what you come up with and grow from there 😉

WRITE FIRST! REVIEW LATER! I’ve noticed, based on this (and other) endeavor(s), that blogging is a very well thought out, planned and organized process for many people. Hmmmm…….. NOPE! Not for me! For me, blogging is a RELEASE! In many cases (such as those you see on, blogging for me is an UPCHUCK of thoughts regarding life’s BULL! (but that’s neither here nor… wait, it IS there! haha) That being said, I write first! SPEW it all out and THEN I review. NOTE: In the past, I never reviewed what I wrote. I posted it and went on my way. Since I’ve realized now that people actually pay attention to this stuff, I try to review for grammatical and spelling errors, etc, but THAT is SUCH a chore! GAW! SO! Today we learn to REVIEW! Always REVIEW! Just like you do your other chores. 🙂

HAVE FUN! Blogging (at least in the case of THIS particular MAB ==> multi-author blog) is NOT an ASSIGNMENT! Don’t treat it as such!!! Blogging is something that should increase your happiness, awareness, joy and all of those GREAT feelings we love so much! Have FUN with your blogs (whether they be about highs OR lows). Even if you ARE BORING in real life, use  blogs to express your FUN alter-ego! NOTE: If you don’t have an alter-ego… GET ONE! NOW!!! If your alter-ego is as boring as you. Well, you kinda missed the point of having an ALTER-ego in the first place! (Also, NAME your alter-ego!!!! They come in handy! TRUST ME! haha)

‘Scuse me! Lost my train of thought! 😉

(…to be continued…)