Aint No Party Like A Muffin House Party

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Listen parties at my house are lit forreal you hear me. So for everybody in our inner circle we do them a birthday shindig at the house. We are the real definition of party until and you dont know what the until is lol. Soooo July coming up and being that everybody has had a big Muffin house party (really yard party dont dirty up my tile) except my older brother (my moms oldest) this year is his year but he dont know it. He got a whole surprise party setup and gifts have been shipped to the house. Whew this should be a fun filled family day. See we kind of started our own traditions since our family dont get together as much as we use to so we’ve created what we use to have at Granny house at our house now. Even if you’re a loyal long term friend you get a party chi. Most of all our parties are drama free, fun filled and full of love not just oh I’m going just to eat type party our parties are genuinely love filled and the support is there. With that being said I’m ready for this July goodt time 😜😜😜.