A Woman of Wisdom

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A Woman of Wisdom!!!

It’s been far too long since I’ve graced you all with my presence. Welp! Here I am…

I’ve been getting back into the swing of reading! This week I’m reading a book about wisdom as recommended to me by one of my spiritual mentors. Here recommendation was for me to find a book to help study the book of proverbs in the bible.

After, searching on amazon I stumbled across ” A woman of wisdom” By lisa brownback. So far, this book has covered the characteristics of a Woman of Wisdom.

Do you possess the traits of a woman of wisdom? Is that your desire? What does a life of wisdom look like to you?

Walking in wisdom for me is having the ability to live through life in a way that is ordained and orchestrated by Christ Jesus.  Living a  life that is ordained by christ isn’t always popular, yet it is Indeed rewarding both here on earth and eternal life in heaven.  With the help, of christ, we are able to withstand any and all challenges that may arise.

Here are the Five Characteristics of Wisdom:

1. Wisdom is Clear – Knowing what the bible says, and through the inspiration of the holy spirit.  Most importantly knowing what Christ is speaking to you and through you.
2. Wisdom is Near – Christ gives us the tools needed to live a life that is prosperous.
3. Wisdom is Pleasant – understanding the promises and pleasantries of living a life infused with Christ!
4. Wisdom is Primary – Being governed by the will of Christ First!
5. Wisdom is Hospitable – Take delight and cheer in serving others as we serve Christ.

What are your thoughts on the Characteristics of Wisdom? Do you agree or disagree? What changes do you need to make in your life to possess these characteristics?

Interested in reading this book:

Title: A woman’s Wisdom ” how the book of Proverbs speaks to everything? by lisa brownback