A little insight on my life!

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Lets get this life update on a role. So since fasting I’ve just been in a different place spiritually and mentally. I told myself I’ll start listening to that little voice a lot more so with that being said I’ve finally started my YouTube channel 😊. Over there I’ll be doing Mukbangs and some spoken videos with information on different topics and maybe even vlogs. Sometimes while out and about I get the urge to record but I really don’t know why I don’t Because shopping with me is really lit actually because I’m so random 😂 don’t worry about it I’ll just start the camera and forget it there 🤔.

With that being said go subscribe to my YouTube channel ,watch the videos ,like them , share them and hit the bell to be notified when I make a new video the link will be below.


So at this point I have an I.T business where I manage, maintenance and revamp websites as well as screen replacement. Also at De Best Tech Service I’ve offered some technology one on one literacy for those who don’t understand new technology and how it works. Speaking of that I have a client this weekend for technology literacy she wants to know how to online shop, get a tour of her device and how to work AirPods this should be fun lol. We also do some logos and song covers. I try to tap into all aspects of I.T and if I’m not fond of a particular area I teach what I know in that area to my team and allow them to render those services 😉. Furthermore we do help with backing up and restoring devices as well and we have a laptop screen replacement lined up I might video it and let you guys see 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Aside from I.T and YouTube I’m also the agent for my brother and his music you all can head over to SoundCloud and listen to some tracks the Facebook link will be attached as well. So with this I promote the music send out songs to different people and help with marketing videos and allow him to sell himself and his music honestly. I also put my input in on the different songs and what needs to be added and what needs to be changed.

Aside from that I also run “Muffin & Company” my own in home daycare. I’ve always had a love for kids and I’ve always wanted to be a daycare owner and well here we are 24 years later. I’ve been in business with both “De Best Tech Services” and “Muffin & Company” for almost 2years now they are four months apart.I’m just a jack of all trades I make it work for me and well it’s working. I guess you can say my purpose wears many faces and I have many hats I’m just proud to be an entrepreneur and making life count. I try to keep it simple with my company’s to show folks anyone can be an entrepreneur no matter your look or background. My whole team has locs but in all different forms and different maintenance levels. We also all dress differently there’s really no dress code long as its presentable and professional now that right there really catches people eye like oh so no business casual or nothing 😂 naw if we wanted restrictions we would work for someone other than ourselves just be presentable and professional love. It’s more than one way to skin a duck (don’t ask me though because I don’t know 😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️). You can be an entrepreneur as well just find what you’re passionate about and make money off of it 😉.

“Live your dream be unbothered and unmoved life is to short to be anything other than happy death could be at your door step and you could be there next person to walk out so make life count “😘