2021 TBR ( To Be Read List)

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Hello Readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve missed you! As an avid reader and lover of books……My goal is to share my monthly reading selections for 2021. At the top of the year, I launched a book club- Readers Make Leaders- BkClub, which was well overdue. This book club is a baby I’ve super excited about. Follow my journey on FaceBook and Instagram @ReadersMakeLeaders. What are you reading, and what genre of books do you like? Below are a few books I’ve read and will be reading this year. Take a look!

Happy Reading

#TBR List 2021

Books Completed!

1. The Vanishing Half By Brit Bennett

2. Mothers By Brit Bennett

3. Becoming By Michelle Obama

Book I Want to READ! 2021

1. Learning to Be: Finding Your Center When the Bottom Falls Out By Juanita Campbell – Rasmus

2. A Sojourner’s Truth By Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

3. Be Fearless By Jean Case

4. Queenie By Candice Carty-Williams

5. The Truths We Hold By Kamala Harris

6. Anxious People By Fredrick Backman

Enjoy! Nicole

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